What You Are Really Doing When Handing Out Discounts
Discounts work really well. Just look at Groupon or AppSumo. They've built multi-million businesses based on that strategy. I mean, we all know that feeling of getting a great deal... it gives us a rush - especially if it's a product we had kept an eye on for some while.
“Do You Have Any Moral Boundaries?”​
That's what a client asked me the other day. And that's what's wrong with sales, marketing and business in general, if you ask me. I replied: "Lying would be one boundary, selling people a scam would be another, why... what do you have in mind?"
Are You Making This Huge Mistake When Running Facebook Ads?
You can't expect your ads to be profitable if you don't understand this. Facebook analytics can get more overwhelming than trying to mediate a dispute between the wife and the mother.
“​It’s The Offer, Stupid.”​ – Dan Kennedy
Consultants and Coaches come to me to get more leads and higher conversions. But what they THINK I should be doing for them is often not what we should actually focus on first.
How to follow up on your emails without annoying and eventually burning your list
What do most of us do when sending out an email sales campaign? And it's exactly what we SHOULDN'T do... Unless the goal is to be the dude on the picture... trying to stalk our way to a sale.



"Hamoon did a 10-email series for our build along series E-commerce store and we were extremely impressed with the quality of the writing, the speed of delivery and the top-notch ideation and communication, which puts Hamoon in a class of his own. We highly recommend anyone who wants to increase brand recognition and sales with their emails to engage Hamoon. A complete professional."

Kevin David

Well Known Entrepreneur & Marketing Expert

"We hired Quickboost Marketing to run a Facebook campaign for our professional bleaching and teeth-cleaning services at our dental practice. Within five days, Quick Boost delivered so many qualified leads for our discount offer, that we had to call Quick Boost and ask them to pause the add. The return of ad spend was amazing. We will re-hire QB for our next campaign in summer."

Dr. Milad Zavareh

Dental Practice Dr. Zavareh & Dr. Römer

"Mr. Hamoon “Green” Javaher has done a tremendous copywriting job on a major corporate communication project we did for a global b2b brand from Germany. His contributions were crucial for the project and his energy and honest feedback were refreshing and appreciated by all colleagues. Thanks Hamoon – we hope to be able to work with you again."

Payam Parniani

Founder & Creative Director – KRXE

Ryan Fletcher, Co-Founder